Secret Micro Audio Recorder

In the world of James Bond-style spy equipment, one of the most popular devices is the “audio bug.” What is an audio bug? It’s a little tiny device that records audio that allows Mr. 007 the ability to secretly record audio in a device that no one can either see or suspect is actually an audio recorder. Unless you have a direct line to Mr. Bond’s spy equipment store, you might wonder where you can get this type of device.

Luckily for you (and all the rest of us spy-want to-be’s) there is a device on the market that even James Bond would be glad to have as part of his arsenal. This micro audio recorder looks just like a regular USB flash drive, but is actually a miniature voice recorder!

Who Uses the Micro Audio Recorder?

-Students – Tired of taking notes in class, or just worried you might miss something the teacher or professor says? This micro audio recorder will hold hours and hours of recordings, so you can take it to all of your classes, and never worry about missing a single word. Of course you could also use this if you want to sleep through class and listen to the lecture later – but we would never advocate that!

-Business Executives – Keep detailed recordings of your important meetings. Maybe you want everyone to think you have an excellent memory, or maybe you’re just too lazy to take notes. No one will suspect that this ordinary looking USB device is actually a high-quality digital recording device.

-Investigators and Law Enforcement – Gather the evidence you need for your investigations or cases by easily recording audio. Catch criminals talking about their next heist, or even catch them in the act. They would never suspect they are secretly being recorded!

Popular Features:

-One-Touch Recording – Just press the one little button on the side, and the device will start to record high quality digital recordings. No advanced computer degree required to operate!

-Completely Covert – There are no lights, sounds, or indicators that would ever give away your secret that you are actually recording audio. Just leave it on your desk or in your car, and it will record audio without anyone being alerted.

-Use as a Regular Flash Drive Too – This miniature audio recording device not only LOOKS LIKE a regular USB flash drive, but acts like one too! Store all your files on the USB device, and transfer them wherever you need it.


The Micro Audio Recorder and USB Drive is the perfect device to covertly record audio wherever you need it – meetings, lectures, or your home. The one-button operation makes it easy to use even for the most novice user. Listening to the recordings is as easy as plugging the device back into your PC, and you can even transfer regular files on the drive as well. As with any piece of spy equipment, you want to make sure that you only use it for legal purposes, and not to actually spy on someone without their consent.